Zoé Robledo highlights the achievements of IMSS in terms of social welfare

Zoé Robledo, director Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), spoke to El Herald de México during the program urgent journalism about recent historical achievements in the field social welfare. In this sense, he spoke IMSS-Wellness plan providing health services to those who previously did not have access to social security. On the other hand, he analyzed progress in ensuring access to health services, maternity insurance, as well as widow’s pensions for same-sex couples.

“Sometimes a judgment had to be made, it was about creating criteria. Today it is already like that, approved by the Technical Council of Social Security, so they must allow cohabiting persons to access those two insurances.

According to this scenario, he recalled when he served as a senator and was promoted legislation for the welfare of domestic workers. He also emphasized that the struggle for the rights of this group has been forgotten for years. In this sense, he mentioned that the film directed by Alfonso Cuaron they pointed out the importance of this sector, despite the fact that they have been present for a long time.

“Fortunately, in 2019 the Supreme Court of Justice could not push it through the legislative part, but in 2019 the Court found that it is unconstitutional and discriminatory not to insure female workers. A pilot program was established that has been working in IMSS since then, so we worked with senators for several months to approve this opinion, which now becomes mandatory. And now the challenge of social security is to adapt our systems to make them easier and simpler, but also to spread among employers that there is a legal obligation.”

He pointed out the current legal obligation of employers to pay the corresponding days they work. He indicated that most are approx 2.3 million female workers they work in several houses throughout the country, so the employer has the task of calculating the salary from the day he works

Zoé Robledo emphasized the legal obligation of employers to calculate the corresponding salary for domestic workers
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Asked about the scope of the Institute and its current diagnosis, he pointed out that the pandemic was a key period for realizing the risk of a fragmented system, that is, that not all regions in the country have the same available information. personnel and equipment for various health problems that occur in the Republic. He indicated that it was a “challenging” process, so he set out to face it so that every Mexican would have access to medical care, thus unifying 32 health systems.

He said that the public, centralized, free and preventive system were the elements the president was referring to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador when he assured that the Institute wanted to have a healthcare model like the one in Denmark, which is why IMSS worked to develop its governance in favor of rights holders


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