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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced this Monday evening (October 31, 2022) that there will be a “battlefield” response to Russia’s new massive attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which left hundreds of cities without electricity. .

“The answer will be on the battlefield. And I want to remind you that the total level of human losses of the Russian occupiers is almost 72,000,” he said in his usual evening address. “Let them not be surprised at their losses when they see how Ukrainians conduct ‘negotiations’ in the dark,” he warned.

Zelensky claimed that most of the targets chosen by Russia today were “saved” as 45 of the 55 cruise missiles launched by the Russians for the mass attack were “shot down”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted today that Monday’s mass attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure were carried out in part in response to a “terrorist attack” allegedly committed by Kyiv against the Black Sea Fleet, and warned that it could be more reprisals.

Russia claimed that the attack with more than 50 missiles was directed against 18 Ukrainian energy targets in 10 regions. Hundreds of cities in seven Ukrainian regions were left without electricity, and at least 13 civilians were injured in the Russian strikes, according to kyiv.

Helicopters shot down

“For every ten hits, terrorists must spend at least four times as many missiles,” said the Ukrainian president tonight, for whom Russia’s result “is even worse compared to drones, including those supplied by their Iranian collaborators.”

According to Zelenskiy, four Russian helicopters were also shot down today: three attack Ka-52s and one Mi-8.

In this way, according to the Ukrainian leader, the world sees “that the former ‘second army in the world’ is no longer even the 22nd in terms of its efficiency. And we will do everything possible to reach the second hundred. And it will be so” .

Zelensky also said that the fragments of the Russian rocket that fell on the territory of Moldova “only remind us how important it is to protect ourselves together from this evil: from the reckless, which does not recognize state borders or human values.”

Ukraine is doing “everything possible,” according to its president, to restore electricity and water supplies to populations under attack today.

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