Young people learn tools for healthy eating – Commentary

With about 35 young students from Baccalaureate 5 and 6 from Tecoman campusUniversity Center for Integral Social Welfare (DICE) started the program “Nutrition on the go”whose goal is to provide students with tools that enable them to learn about their health care through nutrition education.

Ana Guadalupe Gutierrez Reyesnutritionist in the field of Integral health promotion DICE led the first of seven sessions that will be held every Friday, where through games and dynamics aimed at diet, as well as physical activity and preparing healthy meals, is intended to provoke young people’s taste for healthy eating; “We will let them know what the food is like and that they can apply what they have learned, both for themselves and for their daily lives and their families.”

He explained that in this case the youth they will not be made anthropometric measurementssince only a educational workshop on nutritiontherefore, there will be no before and after evaluations, but we want them to apply the information they receive in the nutritional education section and everything they learn in this small workshop at home, with their family, friends and in their environment”.

Express the question of how serious is the situation in which young people find themselves feed, the nutritionist pointed out that it is somewhat serious to see how young people currently eat and what they buy for personal consumption; “We see that, in cafeswhat sells the most are junk food, fried food, cookies, refreshments and so on, and they neglect their diet.”

The problem, he said, is compounded by the fact that it is only recently Face-to-face modality after pandemic where the majority, and the population in general, gained weight from 5 to 8 kilograms; “So it’s important to receive this Nutrition educationbecause the pandemic has affected many things and right now students need this part of nutrition education.”

At the end he noticed that of enrolled students they will credit cultural activities and sports; “It’s a good option for kids who suddenly can’t prove it in any other way. But apart from that, it is a good option to start changing your habits and improve your health and the health of those around you”.

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