You can’t buy it in Spain, but this limited edition Suzuki Jimny is top notch

After the disappearance Suzuki Jimny In the version for individuals and reappearing in the form of a commercial vehicle, many consumers are waiting for the return of this iconic SUV. It is known that the company is working on a new version that will appear on in 2023 and that the system will avoid problems with the emission of harmful gases that condemned it a little less than two years ago MHEV.

However, although it is Jimmy disappeared from Europe, continued to be sold in other countries. For example in Brazil, where the top-of-the-line version that has been a real success is being sold and is available in a limited edition of 100 units. A version in which, unfortunately, we will not see Europe.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport
Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport

Suzuki presents a very radical limited edition Jimny in Brazil

It’s about Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sporta model that has the best of the range, with very complete equipment and a very radical look.

It is Jimmy it moves with a four-cylinder gasoline block 1.5 that develops 102 hp of power, managed by a four-speed automatic transmission and, to put it another way, an all-wheel drive system 4×4 with reducer.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport
Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport

It costs more than 35,000 euros

In equipment, this Jimny Sierra 4Sport It has Pirelli Scorpion MTR knobby tires measuring 215/75 R15, as well as side steps, four tow hooks, roof racks, 15-inch wheels, rubber floor mats, etc. Added to this are details that distinguish it from its brethren such as blue stitching on the on the steering wheel, on the seats, on the gear lever or on the ventilation openings. And also with the ‘4Sport’ logo embroidered on the headrest. It is available in five case colors: silk silver, gray, black, kinetic yellow and white.

Mind you, it’s not Jimmy cheap as we are used to. IN Brazil This model costs 181,990 Brazilian reais, which in exchange is approx 35,760 euros.

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