Yanet García as Latino Barbie, posing in pink lace on a sofa

Flirty Yanet García left netizens breathless by posting her beauty in a pink lace ensemble, an unforgettable postcard as she modeled on her sofa, crowning herself a “Latino Barbie” for her perfect silhouette and how well the color suits her.

this beautiful one influencer they Instagramshe is followed by almost 15 million people, she has the whole of Mexico under her feet with her great charisma, with her angel, with her undeniable beauty and above all, because of her curves that are not suitable for heart patients, showing them in the most daring outfits since Internet.

Campaigns of which he is a part, as well as work issues, since he is ia celebrity of Mexican television, participating in programs, flirtatious photo sessions are available on her Instagram feed, where no corner of her clothes is saved.

For that reason Yanet Garcia She wanted to wear a daring pink outfit, as if she were a Barbie doll, only with an interior, she laid her beauty on the sofa and posed as fans love, stealing sighs from everyone who admired the picture.

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She is sitting on a sofa, with her brown hair in natural waves and her signature glow covering part of her pretty face giving the picture an even more flirtatious touch, earning thousands of compliments in the comments section.

Yanet García as Latino Barbie, posing in pink lace on a sofa

Yanet Garcia she is one of the most famous content creators in all of Latin America, she is one of the girls who run the “Only for fans” platform, because her monthly payment is one of the highest, and thus her popularity is growing, since she has hips and beauties that have fans eating out of hand .

By CLICKING HERE you can admire its beauty.

Leaving that aside, she continues to work for television as a presenter, currently collaborating with the Telethon campaign, performing the same function, because she certainly attracts the attention of the audience with her beauty and charisma.

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