World Cup 2022 Match 4 history, new records and more


Bolavip tells you about the most important events of the day in Major League Baseball (MLB), with the World Series in all its glory and the still distant Free Agency approaching.

Pressly and Javier, part of World Cup history
© Getty ImagesPressly and Javier, part of World Cup history

The Houston Astros clinched the 2022 World Series for two games after a dominant 5-0 win against Philadelphia Phillies as a visitor, thus securing the return of the series to its home this weekend.

I’m thinking about next year New York Yankees It will be a team looking to win the title again, a prize that has eluded them since 2009. For that, they have an ace up their sleeve, and that is none other than Shohei Ohtani.

Also, with the presentation of the Golden Gloveswe have seen a record that has only been achieved once: Meet the player who has won the most of these awards in a row, along with Japan’s Ichiro Suzuki.

The Houston Astros tied the 2022 World Series without a hit

The Astros’ performance off the mound was so good Wednesday night that overshadowed what was incredible offensive production in the fifth inning, with Yuli Gurriel’s unprecedented record.

But obviously Houston’s pitchers take the spotlight, who combined for just the second no-hitter in World Series history. Do you know which one was first? Bolavip te cubre en eso.

Data that puts the Houston Astros as the 2022 World Series winner

While we highlight the mound for the Texas franchise in this article, the offense is active and, aside from Tuesday’s debacle, we’ve seen bats on fire. So much so that, compared to other World Series teams, the Astros have a good chance of winning the Fall Classic..

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