With the millionaire, IMSS-Wellness starts working in Veracruz

The largest budget so far allocated to the IMSS-Wellness Health program is for Veracruz, with 5 thousand 57 million 439 thousand pesos.

The program, which will begin to be implemented in November of this year in the state of Veracruz, will provide medical care to people who do not have social security.

In this sense, Zoé Robledo Aburto, director general of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), indicated that, together with the entity, Campeche and Guerrero will enter this month, not only to provide medical care, but also to allocate funds for hospital infrastructure ..

“There are four items; infrastructure of the first level, infrastructure of the second level, i.e. rehabilitation of hospitals and units of the first level, health centers.

“And also equipment and instruments at both the first and second level of care,” he said during the morning conference this Tuesday from the National Palace.

Robledo Aburto specified that 11 thousand 958 million pesos are being invested in 12 countries that will already have the mentioned service model this year.

Before Veracruz, the states of Nayarit, Colima, Tlaxcala, Sonora, Baja California Sur and Sinaloa entered the program.

Starting this month, it will be expanded to Campeche, Veracruz and Guerrero, while Morelos, Michoacán and Oaxaca will be established in December.

“It is to cover almost 12 million Mexicans who in these 12 states do not have social security, and medical care is the most urgent,” he said.

He asserted that so far, part of the results obtained by the program in the states that have already been implemented are reflected in the filling of prescriptions, where there is greater control both in the storage and in the purchase of the necessary medicines.

He said that this enables better monitoring of drug needs in each entity, stating that filled prescriptions have reached as many as 99 percent of beneficiaries, which guarantees that drugs reach people “and not sit in a warehouse.”

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