Winner of the Pfizer National Award for Academic Excellence 2022 Graduated from a University in the USA

For her outstanding academic career, Karen Jazmín Morales Cázarez, a graduate of the General Medical Studies Program at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), was awarded Pfizer Award for Academic Excellence in Medicine 2022.

The student of the 2015-2020 generation expressed that she is proud of title awarded by the Pfize Scientific Instituteri of the Mexican Association of Medical Faculties and Schools (AMFEM), who rank her among the best medical students in the country.

“I feel very proud to represent our Alma Mater, which is the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, it’s true that I didn’t expect it, but I think it’s the result of five years of dedication and effort that I kept constant,” she said. He said.

Morales Cázarez explained that they are participating in the said invitation public and private institutions throughout Mexicowho are in charge of naming their most outstanding students, in this case, he said, the faculty nominated two students, namely Morales Cázarez who, thanks to his university career, was selected by the Pfizer Institute.

The doctor, who will choose her area of ​​specialization in the next few days, announced that the award ceremony was held virtually, in which the president of the Pfizer Institute and the president Mexican Association of Doctors In training.

This event is also recognized by the eye 90 students medicine in the country.

He commented that the highest house of studies awarded him an award in the frame doctor’s day.

“It will be very useful for me throughout my university career, as a doctor it is very important in the curriculum, it will open many doors for me later and also, symbolically, I am very proud of it,” she said.

For his part, Luis Alberto González García, director of the Faculty of Medicine, stated that these results are they are proof of positioning and recognition which Casa Rosalina has.

He emphasized that this institution is committed to continuous improvement, raising the quality of education, evaluation and accreditation of academic programs, and providing all young people with tools for promote their development.


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