Why they ban bottled water on airplanes

Security and entity controls are common when boarding an aircraft. In recent decades, security measures and restrictions for travelers have been increasing. We can know that some are exaggerated, like that of ban water bottles on airplanes.

Among the security measures that have been strengthened over the years is removing electrical devices from backpacks and even removing shoes or jackets. Not to mention the coins, belts and other items you have to leave behind before going through the metal detectors.

Why do they ban water on airplane flights?

The cause is related to the fight against attacks on the integrity of the aircraft and the passengers themselves. Although it cannot be considered a hazardous material, yes, it can be confused with explosive chemical liquidsamong them i nitroglycerinwhich is impossible to distinguish with the naked eye from water.

Another reason why they throw water on you when you arrive at the airport is because explosive chemical liquids that can be mistaken for water cannot be detected by X-ray technology which they use in air terminal security filters.

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All these kinds of security measures were increased after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, where these crimes were carried out with airplanes that shook and in some ways changed the way we live.

Among the security measures that have changed in most countries of the world, in addition to banning water on airplanes, surveillance has been transferred from contracted companies – with high staff turnover – to government agencies.

Finally, in addition to physical restrictions and security measures at airports, other types of filters have been established, such as obtaining visas to move between different countries, a situation that previously worked mainly through official passports and nothing else.

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