Why is North Korea deliberately increasing tensions with its neighbors?

  • Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
  • Tokyo Correspondent, BBC News

People in Tokyo walk past a television screen showing Kim Jong-un

image source, Getty Images


North Korea fired a record number of missiles into the sea off the coast of South Korea.

It was a confusing and nervous morning for the people of northern Japan.

At 07:50 local time, air raid alerts were sounded in Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures, and television programs were interrupted to tell people to evacuate. The Japanese Coast Guard reported that a missile fired from North Korea was headed toward Japan. North Korean missiles have passed over Japan before – one did so last month – but never this far south.

But the missile launched this morning did not enter Japanese airspace. According to South Korean military sources, the missile failed mid-flight and crashed, plunging into the Sea of ​​Japan.

Please everyone calm down and go back to your morning coffee. Well, no.

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