Why is medicine one of the most difficult careers?

The university period for the vast majority of students implies great effort and time of dedication. An even bigger sacrifice when it comes medical career. This is confirmed by the students of this study, who admit that their biggest difficulty is “the daily discipline it requires”.

A Twitter user wrote a topic in which she reflects on this topic and in which she explains why this race is one of the most difficult. “Throughout history, medicine has been considered one of the the most prestigious races and at the same time difficult. But is that true?”, asks the student.

For her, after the first years of studies, “in which you feel like you’re wasting time”, the biggest difference between the rest of your career and medicine. “It’s time to study”, not the ease or difficulty of the concepts you are studying. “The concepts being studied are generally not the most complex,” admits the user, admitting that “you just have to see how everyone trembles when there’s a whole biostatistics topic.”

In fact, the student assures that “her experience has taught her that the biggest difficulty of this career is dealing with it day by day.” “The fundamental difference is that in medicine, on average, you have to work longer than others“, he assures, noting that in this way “you put every discipline to the test every day”.

“The concepts we study in medicine are not the most complex”

The user also influences how complicated it is to achieve that constant discipline. “If you think of one thing you did literally every day of the year, other than eat or sleep, they’re probably gone,” he says, wondering “what can be done about it.”

“Basically there are two approaches”admits the student. The first of them is “lower the bar, demand less of yourself and be happy and satisfied with what you do”. The second “make it cost you as little as possible to devote the necessary time to the race”. Although he admits that the best thing is “a balance between both things”. Finally, the user emphasizes that “Medicine is not the most ‘intellectually’ difficult career, but it is one of those that requires the most discipline, and that is neither abundant nor easy to achieve”. In addition, he assures that “being able to devote 100 percent to the race is a privilege.”

Is medicine the most demanding career on a mental level?

Psychologists and deans have already analyzed that Medical writing the reason for mental and physical fatigue of medical students. From Faculty of Psychology in Madrid assured that this degree has two great features: the competitiveness that exists when entering a career, since a very high grade is required between the Baccalaureate and the Selectivity, and that medical students know that after the end of the university period, which is practically mandatory, they must complete PEACEwhich implies another additional weight.

Meanwhile, Javier Arias, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)convinced that “Medicine is one of the most demanding university courses on an intellectual level” because of its demands not only on a scientific and technical level, but also in terms of “interpersonal relations and communication”.

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