Why is everyone talking about the documentary “The Girl from the Vatican”?

There is a story that raises doubts, hypotheses and conversations among those who discover it, because it happened to a teenager in the capital of the Catholic religion.

“The Girl from the Vatican”, recently released by Netflix, brought to life one of the most mysterious unsolved cases of the last four decades in Europe that fell into oblivion.

Here we give you the keys to enter the topic and find out the reasons for its influence among users of the platform on which it is among the most viewed productions.

– The last time we heard from Emanuel Orlandi, then 15 years old, was in June 1983. After she went to music lessons, she called her family and informed them that a man had spoken to her in a car. Witnesses say that a young woman got into a dark BMW.

– A month later, John Paul II himself, the head of the Catholic Church, sent an invitation to those responsible for the events, which is why speculation began that it was a kidnapping. Until then, the police and Emanuel’s family had received reports that she had been seen selling cosmetic products under a changed name.

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– Phone calls confirmed that she was kidnapped in order to free Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who shot the supreme pope two years earlier. Authorities never believed there was a connection between the two cases or that there was a terrorist motive in the teenager’s disappearance.

– Ten years ago, in 2012, Gabriela Amorth’s father, who was the leader of the exorcists of the Holy See, stated that someone from the Vatican who was involved in sexual exploitation could have been involved in the disappearance. Another 15-year-old disappeared before Orlandi, which will strengthen the unofficial version.

– The writer Pino Nicotri indicated in his work “Truth. From gray wolves to the Magliana gang” that Emanuela would be a victim of pedophilia by a group of priests under the protection of the Holy See.

– In 2019, the family of a young woman received an anonymous letter with the image of an angel on a grave in the Vatican cemetery. The opening of the tomb was processed, but it was empty.


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