Why does Bimbo Bear say goodbye to Popsicle the Clown?

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After the approval of the Federal Commission for Economic Competition (Coffee) acquisition of Productos Ricolino (ricolina) and their brands until Mondelez International Inch.

With this operation, the company seeks to improve its position in the snack and confectionery industry by offering its customers a portfolio of leading brands in the categories of gummy candies and candies, biscuits, chocolates, gummy candies, chocolates, spicy candies, cream cheese, cajeta and cajeta sweets.

Oriol Bonaclocha, president Mondelez Mexico He said: “Union of Mondelez Mexico Mr ricolinarepresents the sum of the sizes of two cult companies, which have been positioned as favorites for years consumerswhich filled Mexico and the world with incredible moments”.

A year that will mark its history

With this acquisition Mondelez Mexico welcomes 6,300 people and strengthens its business with a production chain of 6 plants and a distribution platform with more than 3,000 routes that will reach more than 600,000 points of sale.

to the marks Mondelez Mexicoemblematic products with a great tradition in Mexico such as: Palette Payaso, Dulces Vero, Panditas, Cajeta Coronado, Chocolates La Corona and many others.

A new organization, composed of Mondelez Mr ricolinawill live under the identity Mondelez Snacking México. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new one that corresponds to the company’s business strategy and global growth Mondelez International Inc.

On April 25, 2022, it was announced that Bimbo signed the contract for the sale of the pastry shop, ricolinaAnd Mondelez InternationalInch. for an enterprise value of $27 billion pesos (1.367 million US dollars).

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