Why are IPN medical students protesting?

for another day, Mexican doctors in training they protest demanding that their partner be released immediately Fernando Agustin Villalobos, arrested for allegedly stealing supplies for clinical use within Regional Hospital on October 1 from Institute of Security and Social Services for State Employees (ISSSTE).

Medical students, mostly National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) demonstrate, for the second day in a row, on Insurgentes Norte avenue.

Residents, students and doctors are demanding official clarification of the facts and full compensation for the damage suffered by their partner, who was detained for more than 24 hours in the Tacubaya FGR.

Also, they are looking for the establishment of processes and protocols by academic higher education institutions and clinical centers where they perform internships so that such situations do not repeat themselves.

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dr. Aarón Rico, representative of the Mexican Assembly of Undergraduate Medical Interns, assured in an interview for UNIVERSAL that doctors in training will not allow their rights to continue to be violated, nor that studying medicine poses a risk to their integrity, since Agustín Villalobos “kept the material in his backpack only to fulfill his obligations within the hospital.”

They announced in a press release that they will continue the protest until the decision of the judicial authorities, the support of the State Polytechnic Institute and the protection of the Regional Hospital on October 1 of the ISSSTE, entities that have not announced themselves so far.

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