Who was Howard Carter, responsible for making Tutankhamun a global celebrity

  • Juan Francisco Alonso
  • BBC News World

Howard Carter cleans Tutankhamun's sarcophagus

image source, Getty Images

Tutankhamun. Finding someone today who has not heard this name or who does not know who it is, is a difficult task.

However, it was not always like that. Barely a century ago, the pharaoh was a great unknown, but all that began to change on November 4, 1922, thanks to the stubbornness and persistence of one of the few who knew of his existence: British archaeologist Howard Carter.

That day, serendipitous luck rewarded the stubbornness of Carter, who had spent the previous five years digging in the Valley of the Kings without finding anything of real relevance. One of the children who was distributing water to the workers of his expedition tripped unusual stone.

The boy informed his employer, who began clearing the area and realized that the rock in question was actually a rung of a ladder cut into the ground. Cleaning away the dirt accumulated over the centuries, he found a mud door with oval seals and hieroglyphs.

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