While Funes misses penalties, Vela’s assist that goes around the world

Carlos candle
Carlos candle


Carlos candle is one of the big absences in the set Gerardo Martino. The LAFC player would not be among the captains of the tricolor as he did not feel that it was time for him to go to another World Cup with the Mexican national team, as he believes that his time in the national team is over and he has other plans in mind.

Unfortunately, El Tri would be without one of their best players in what appears to be the toughest World Cup the team has had in years. However, that is not synonymous with the Mexican forward giving 100 percent in his current team where he was part of the divisional title in MLS.

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Carlos Vela turned in a great performance against Austin FC, leaving us with an important assist that made it 3-0. No doubt, LFC 10 will be looking for revenge after losing in the semi-finals last year. They would now look for their first league title against Philadelphia coming off a 3-1 win over champion NYC.

Carlos Vela, is it Tri’s most important loss?

It should be taken into account that there were some interesting absences within Gerard Martin’s squad, as players like Javier Hernández, Carlos Acevedo or Víctor Guzman were also left out. Undoubtedly, Vela would be in the forefront of those important absences, perhaps the only one who was not invited by will.

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