What is psychological help for medical students?

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Medical students will be able to access the new telematic service for mental health get care for psychological problems. The initiative will allow students to express their discomfort through the series what’s up to be attended later by experts from the field. The goal is to reduce the gap that makes this university sector one of the most “sensitive” to these pathologies.

The program is the result of cooperation between Foundation for Social Protection University medical organizations, State Council of Medical Students and Medical Mutual Foundation who signed a contract to launch a new service under the slogan ‘Self-care, the topic of your improvement’. The project has an initial budget of 20,000 euros which is covered between three sides.

Nina Mielgo, technical director of FPSOMC.

Medical students can contact us via no 669 438 903 ask help from a mental health professional who will help you later by video conference or phone. In addition to the treatment of problems, the program will enable the detection of risk factors, promote healthy habits or contribute to the future doctor having guarantees that he will cope with his task of care.

In order to reach as many doctors as possible, these three groups prepared an information campaign that will last for two months. Label #ItBeginsForYou It will be the basic motto with which they will try to reach potential users on social networks.

Alejandro Andreu, president of the Mutual Medical Foundation.

Medicine, the degree with the highest psychological risk

The initiative was launched in a context characterized by high incidence psychological problems in the group of medical students. According to studies conducted by promoters, up to 11 percent of students have started to manifest suicidal thoughts at some point in their educational process.

María Valderrama, president of CEEM.

“We cannot say one single cause for this fact that worries us so much. We are working on the analysis of the cause. It will be multifactorial,” explained the new president of the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM). Maria Valderrama, at a press conference to present the service.

The student spokesperson also reminded that the risk of mental health problems is high 40 percent more among male doctors than the average of the general population, while it is doubled among female doctors.

The University Medical Organization (OMC) pointed out that the occurrence of this phenomenon requires several factors that are related to the peculiarities medical studies as well as the vital process the students are in due to their age. The high demand to achieve the cut-off mark in Selectividad or the pressure to appear for the exam for PEACE there are two keys.

“It is part of our essential life since early youth. It affects the psychological process we all have,” he added. Thomas Cobb, President of the Main Council of Medical Associations.

Tomás Cobo Castro, President of the University Medical Organization.

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