What is known about the Jon Snow series and its premiere before House of the Dragon 2

House of the Dragon has just finished its first season on HBO and speculations about the premiere of the second part have already started to spread. However, there are rumors that another Game of Thrones spin-off, one based on the life of Jon Snow, could be released before the screen reappears.

The house of the dragon interrupted his season 1 in HBO and although fans are excitedly waiting for the second installment of the program, it is most likely that it will not arrive until 2024, since the filming of the episodes that will continue the so-called Dance with Dragons has not started.

A Jon Snow spin-off could ease fans’ wait for the long House of the Dragon production

Another derivative of the famous series Game of Thrones could surprise with its premiere in 2023: the one dedicated to the legendary prince was promised Jon Snow and a British actor Kit Haringtonwho embodied the character in the main drama, has been producing for some time.

This derived series will be named Snow according to what is indicated by George RR Martin, the creator of the saga of books from which Game of Thrones and of course Dragon House were taken. Other than the name, little is known about this production as everyone has been extremely jealous about revealing more information about the program that, if in production, would fill a major void in HBO’s schedule.

Moreover, It is important to note that the actor Kit Harington, who will of course star in the aforementioned Game of Thrones spin-off, Snow, does not yet have George RR Martin’s permission to bring the drama to screen. Nor did it get the green light to produce from HBO’s top executives.

Everything seems to indicate that Snow will be released after House of the Dragon

This spin-off of Game of Thrones could give a different ending to the outcome that Miguel Sapochnik he gave to the famous series and it did not leave the fans satisfied either, and as he recently said Maisie Williamsas well as some of the actors of the HBO Transmission fantasy drama.

If Snow has not yet received the approval of George RR Martin and the HBO production executive, it is unlikely that the series will hit the screens before House of the Dragon which, according to rumors and some information published by Forbes magazine, should arrive in the summer of 2024 if production starts this year, something that does not seem too unlikely.

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