What is hidden behind category A plus for doctors?

Bad medical unions raised their voice for the consideration of a new higher professional category, the so-called See youwith regard to possible escalation Care to A1. The proposal was not well received by nurses who, according to their opinions on social networks, consider this change completely “unnecessary” and look with suspicion at the intentions “hiding” behind this motivation. They believe that this is the result of “the perception that they are professionals they are under or under their command”, but specialists state that it is only about “recognizing the requirements of different formations”.

After consulting with our readers on social networks Medical writing, many have sent their opinion on this proposal. “360 credits must be awarded somewhere Drug compared to 240 himHowever, health professionals object that this change is being considered precisely when they could get a new certificate and brand doctors as “classmen” because they share the category with “other four-year university studies”. , such as law or biology” and at no point did he show dissatisfaction.

“Years of study should make a difference,” says the expert. While another supports the message by adding that after years of study and specialization, the workload of doctors and nurses is not the same. “It’s fair. Not only because it’s the only 6-year degree (360 ects), plus an exam PEACE, plus 4-5 specializations. Also because of the doctor’s level of responsibility.”

A classification resulting from a change in nursing

In this sense, the healthcare worker explains that she could agree with the measure, but she disagrees, considering that it was created solely as a result of a possible change for him. “It smells bad that you came up with this idea when these professionals are asking to be A1. The other grades are already A1 and it didn’t occur to you to create a higher category.”

And while doctors, for the most part, point out that this proposal is “common sense” and even believe that it is a measure that “should have been adopted a long time ago”, nurses They believe that there is a certain “phobia” towards them and that this only generates that “the system is increasingly pyramidal”.

Appropriate titles

“If they rise to one, they will have to go to the other,” said the president of CESM in this sense. Thomas Toranzowho believes that keeping doctors in the A1 salary range that also includes nursing would “generate a conflict that would have to be resolved”, thus picking up on a claim that has already been made in the past.

Toranzo, who in any case emphasized the need to improve the remuneration of the nursing group, emphasized that the conflict arose as a result of the comparison, in the university diploma, of previously ‘differentiated’ professions such as the professions of prof. Care and medicine. “The fact that they changed your name and you are a graduate or licensed does not change the functions of any of them, nor their competences or their responsibilities”, he stated in statements for Medical writing.

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