What is Checo Pérez’s office like, his workplace far from the slopes

Checo Pérez talked about his occupations in his office (Photo: Screenshot)
Checo Pérez talked about his occupations in his office (Photo: Screenshot)

Sergio Perez he became known for his skill behind the wheel on Formula 1 tracks. Most fans recognized his work on each of the single seats who drove, but few people know about his work off the tracks and tracks. During a conversation with businessman Arturo Elías Ayub, Czech showed his work office and listed their occupations.

Three days after the Mexican Grand Prix, Arturo Elías Ayub invited his brother-in-law Carlos Slim Domito to speak live to the followers of his Instagram account. In the space, they used the opportunity to talk about various topics, including Formula 1, but the protagonists announced the sudden intervention of the Red Bull driverwho connected from his work office.

“Physically! where can we catch you?” Elías Ayub asked. In response, the Guadalajara, Jalisco, native mentioned that “in the office. Arrival at chamber. No (you only work in the car), you have to work in the office too, boss”while adjusting his mobile device to get the best image for his speech.

Arturo Elías asked what occupations were outside the car, since most fans imagined their pending activities were summed up in front of the steering wheel. In this regard, the Red Bull driver noted that the other tasks he performs are also related to organizing your personal program and even supporting the improvement of some aspects of the brand you represent.

“Well, you have to see all those pending, my schedule, what will be next week, the obligations that exist from the sponsors, where we can improve in terms of the image of the company and live with Arturo (Elías Ayub)”,

On the other hand, though Czech Perez he did not reveal the details of his office, some were seen in the videos he took pictures hang on the walls. Among them was found a picture of one of Red Bull’s single-seaters and in the opposite corner a row smaller frames with circuit images which were part of the Formula 1 seasons with each country’s flag in the background.

In the space, he organizes his agenda and evaluates certain aspects of the Red Bull Racing brand (Photo: Screenshot)
In the space, he organizes his agenda and evaluates certain aspects of the Red Bull Racing brand (Photo: Screenshot)

At a smaller table, located behind the pilot, some portraits and photographsas well as a large window with a view to the outside of the building, which with its characteristics allows natural light to enter even the smallest corner of the room.

After delving into the work dynamics that he performs outside the steering wheel of the RB18, the conversation of the three characters continued and they touched on other topics related to the role of the man from Guadalajara in Rodriguez Brothers Autodromewhere he finished third in the competition behind teammate Max Verstappen and Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton.

One of the aspects that Sergio Pérez from Guadalajara ordered in his work office was the agenda that will have to be developed in the week of November 7-13, 2022, when Formula 1 moves to South America to conduct race number 21 on the calendar . , he answers Brazilian Grand Prix.

Being the penultimate competitor of the year, and thanks to the narrow difference between the points won by the Mexican and Charles Leclerc, his closest companion in the individual standings, he must repeat the good performance he gave in Mexico City and not allow the Ferrari member to add more units but to arrive with a more comfortable advantage at the last commitment at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where the world runner-up in driving will be defined.


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