What happened to Maranha, the Brazilian who played for Cruz Azul? Half time

the city of Mexico /

from semester to semester, Blue cross He used to renew the illusion of his followers with famous signatures, although there were also many occasions in which his new players were far from welcome, Maranhao being one of those casesBrazilian soccer player who arrived in Mexico in January 2012.

Various myths arose around him, the first of which was this one Alberto Quintanothen the manager of the cement plant, I booked it after watching a video on YouTubethanks to the great ability he showed to dominate on the wings, not making it clear how honest he was.

Arriving from Esporte Clube Bahia, the left wing midfielder signed a three-year deal after depositing $1.2 million into the Brazilian club’s account, to played 44 games in which he scored a goal and provided seven assists until his departure in January 2013.

Soccer bum

After exiting the machine, Maranaho was loaned to Atlético Paranaenseof the team in which he failed to stand out, he goes to The Citizen of Daejeon from South Korea, where he would barely play two games in 2014.

In America, his record would go from one club to another, since they joined Chapecoense, Ypiranga, Fluminense, Ponte Preta, Goiás, Mirassol, Operario, Sao Bernardo, Criciúmauntil his return to Chapeocense in January, the club where he remains to this day, with a contract until December.

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