What are the most wanted profiles?

Mexico Profiles
There are 3 very popular profiles in Mexico. Photo: Shutetrstock.

The COVID-19 and confinement due to the pandemic accelerated the adoption of technologies for concentration without the need for physical presence, even in people who were reluctant to use the devices such as computers, tablets and even cell phones.

As he states National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)which was only an option, has become a requirement and an obligation, which, as part of biosecurity measures, aims to give continuity to daily activities, e.g. social relationships, work, school and a number of other tasks that are possible through digital platforms.

In addition to the emergence of new professions, while some majors increased the interest of students, companies also had to adapt to digital transformation and look for specialized profiles in certain areas.

The most wanted profiles in Mexico

As pointed out to Unotv.com, Cristina Elías, Executive Director of Collective 23school for professionals who want to improve themselves in the most demanding activities in digital matters, there are three profiles which they are in high demand in Mexico:

  • Commercial Analyst (business analytics)
  • product designers
  • Product Manager (project manager)

Commercial Analyst (business analytics)

Connected with the datethat is, that a person in the organization can handle data and make decisions based on data, even if he is not a data analyst.

“Today, if you work in marketing, commercial, finance, product management, you have to be able to use data, it’s not negotiable, it’s one of the things that is most demanded of us right now in Mexico, especially.”

Cristina Elias, Executive Director of Collective 23.

product designers

In Mexico, especially, many large ones companies are starting to offer more digital products and servicesand in order to be able to do that, they need designers who raise the needs of the user market and transfer them to prototypes, and finally the services and products that will be be new business units for companies.

Product Manager (project manager)

Many companies are betting to introduce new products and services and for that they need not only someone to design them, but also someone to manage them.

“Today, users are increasingly demanding. You can no longer have a super good marketing campaign and that’s enough, you have to have a really good product or service, and customers are increasingly looking for digital products and services. Companies are feeling a lot of pressure to invest and bring these digital products and services to market.”

Cristina Elias, Executive Director of Collective 23.

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