What are the best non-permanent online rates?

Especially, Connection speed 1 GB it includes 1 Gbps symmetrical fiber, which will allow you to browse at maximum speed and have a good number of devices connected to this network without degrading the signal quality. This fiber is also symmetrical, so users of the operator will be able to count on upload and download of 1 Gbps.

To this we must add an individual landline with a flat rate for national landlines and mobiles and a free Smart WiFi router to navigate with a maximum speed on the 5 GHz network and a maximum coverage on the 2.4 GHz network. Best After all, this rate has no durability either, so you won’t feel tied down for longer than you want to be tied to an operator.

The price is €29.90 per month instead of the usual 50 euros per month for 9 months, and it also includes a free subscription to Movistar Plus + Lite.

Fiber without penalty in O2

In O2, Movistar’s secondary brand, they have 300Mb Fibra Rate at a great price. This does not imply permanence or any kind of penalty if you choose to opt out. for the price of For 27 euros a month you will have a 300 Mbps symmetrical optical tube.

O2 fiber rate without persistence

“There are no permanency clauses or hidden penalties in our service. If you decide to leave, you will do so completely peacefully, with no attempts at retention on our part or temporary promotions to keep you.

Service registration is free, as is installation by technicians and HGU routers which guarantees a network speed of 5 GHz. If one day you unsubscribe, all you have to do is return the router.

You can also rent fiber and mobile network prices with 100 Mb, 500 Mb or 1 GB and with mobile lines of 10 Gb, 50 GB or 100 GB. Also, at a good price. If you contract O2’s best fiber and mobile plan, you can have 1 Gbps fiber, a landline with calls, unlimited mobile calls and 100GB of data for €50 a month including VAT and no term.

Vodafone Yuser fiber

Vodafone’s Yuser fiber has no durability, and if you don’t need installation, they send it to you a router that can be automatically installed for free and no shipping costs for connecting up to 15 devices at once. However, if you need installation, you will have to pay the cost, a total of 50 euros which will be charged on the first bill (outside the promotion, 70 euros).

Yuser’s cheap optics price offers 600 Mb optics, a fixed line with unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones and a final price without surprises 25 euros per month. The normal price of this tariff is €32, but this €7 discount will last forever if this fiber is contracted before October 31st.

This new Fibra Yuser rate, it must be taken into account that this rate does not have any type of permanency, for which we can unsubscribe at any time without paying any type of penalty. In addition, Vodafone allows users of this rate to temporarily deactivate it for a period of three months in the summer, a period in which the tariffs will not have to be paid, especially with students in mind. This management costs 3 euros, and after a quarter the fiber is automatically reactivated.

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