“What a shame”: Faitelson defends Marion Reimers for online attacks

David Faitelson defended Marion Reimers for online attacks
David Faitelson defended Marion Reimers for online attacks

Name of Marion Reimers It went viral on social media after a discussion which he held in a live show with Omar Zeron. Among the large number of comments on the discussion, one published on the account of a comedian from Monterrey stood out openly expressed his misogynistic personalitywhich is why the commentator David Faitelson He came to the defense of his union partner through his social networks.

Hours after the commenter’s video went viral, Adrian Marcelo used his verified Twitter account to insult a journalist. At first he wrote it “Reimers awakens my most hateful instincts” and continued to try to justify her questionable stance by claiming that Marion Reimers’ role in the media “will only close the door on women who want to do it.”

The lines written by the Monterrey native on the social network were supported by users who often criticize journalistic interventions at Champions League matches. However, the panelist ESPN was violent and he condemned the expressions against Marion Reimers cataloging them as macho and unfortunate in the Mexican sports journalism environment.

“Misogynistic and macho Mexican soccer and its environment. Marion Reimers is one of the best commentators, analysts and journalists in sports media. Many would like to have his preparation and personality. It’s a shame to tell your daughters that this is how their homeland is.”he wrote on his verified Twitter @Faitelson_ESPN.

That wasn’t the only expression Faitelson made known about Adrián Marcelo’s comment. A few hours earlier, when Marion Reimers responded to the character’s comments, a student of José Ramón Fernández spoke up and classified the attacker as “Idiot… There are plenty of them here.”

Due to the wave of criticism that started after learning about Marcelo’s attitude, the comedian from Monterrey decided delete your postalthough the mentioned journalist previously used the opportunity to look back on it and the fact of “such a public confession of contempt for women, while knowing that nothing is happening”, she classifies it as dangerous position in society.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

Similarly, he wrote another message with the recommendation that if “a woman awakens your ‘deepest misogyny’, I advise you a few things: 1) Go to therapy; 2) stop spitting it, it’s sad and what’s worst: it’s dangerous; 3) It is not the woman’s fault, but how they were educated. So; 4) Go back to square one.”

In addition to Adrián Marcelo’s statement, misogyny is defined by the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred) as “hatred, rejection, revulsion and contempt for women and in general towards everything related to women which manifests itself in violent and cruel actions towards her because she is a woman”.

On the other hand, the Federal Law on Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination (LFPED) classifies the behavior in the same level of severity as others such as homophobia, xenophobia, racial segregation and anti-Semitism.

In the middle of the broadcast of the show “We are all technicians”, from TNT Sports, Marion Reimers contradicted Omar Zerón’s position regarding the Champions League result. In this regard, the panelist noted that “we do not agree to conduct a cheap polemic about anything”, which the journalist assessed as a lack of respect for her and the production team.


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