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As pointed out in my box last week, heInstead of video games, the GameStop store chain fills its stores with all possible items. Employees of the chain recounted their experiences on this issue in a topic that is not lost this week.

Reddit thread on r/Gamestop discusses the strange phenomenon of filling stores with all kinds of gadgets that don’t sell and end up taking up more and more warehouse space. Obviously, the main culprits are Squishmallows, pillow-shaped stuffed animals with animal shapes that act as stuffed animals for children. “I have 25 of these stuffed animals and they are not for sale,” writes the employee who started the chain of complaints. “The box arrives every month even though they are still unsold. Someone ask if the guys from the store are all right.”

Since that first post, the number of Squishmallows has grown to 43 as more have arrived. Employees of other establishments confirm the problem, especially when it comes to cleaning them, but apparently some stores were spared the biblical scourge.

However, it wasn’t the GameStop manager’s strange obsession with Squishmallows that opened the thunder box on Reddit. The main complaint is that when a customer buys a toy in a store, the company’s warehouses respond to that sale by sending dozens of the same toys.

“A kid bought a Jurassic Park backpack clip and now the store thinks I’m the main recipient of everything Jurassic Park related,” complains one employee. “They don’t sell out, but they keep coming in deliveries,” claimed another employee who received 66 Sonic backpack clips after a customer took five.

“We get what we call for surprise envelopes with every new order,” the employee tells Kotaku. “We’ve already dedicated four different spaces to them inside the back room and we can’t fit any more. Video games aside, they’re simply the most popular item in the store.”

He managed to get rid of that store esas loot boxes by placing them on sale, but stores are still getting too many blind bags in relation to the space they have to display the goods. ORThis was explained by another employee who spoke to Kotaku Overstocking is the main reason your store continues to exist goods in settlement. Just the oppositeThey couldn’t get rid of all the Power Rangers toys, DC and Marvel Legends action figures and stuffed animals.

Sometimes GameStop too send to your stores unwanted video games. Case more fun in the original reddit thread is Babylon’s Fall, a game that was so bad that Square Enix plans to shut down its servers barely a month later. year of its publication. Some shops GameStop is giving away Babylon’s Fall in full free. Supposedly his the dealer managed not to find out about the “success” of that game.

The customer intervened in the topic Reddit to express his confusion as to why GameStop retail stores were full of unsold toys. Seemingly, and according to answer, help stores stay afloat. “ LGames have a market niche,” explains the chain’s employee. “They are bad gifts because a lot of people prefer digital, and GameStop doesn’t do retro, so it’s a market small actually. However, cfriends, collecting etc… they all make a lot of money, are easy to give, and can be like candy at the cash register. Is buy withimpulsive’.

If you urgently need a sweet toy, a shower beer holderand clock with lemon driveor funko, you know where to go.

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