Violent deaths are on the rise in 2022, according to Legal Medicine

Murder.  Photo: Colprensa
Murder. Photo: Colprensa

According to the latest statistical bulletin of the Colombian Institute of Legal Medicine, corresponding to September 2022, it is possible to determine that violent deaths in Colombia increased by 7.6% compared to the period January-September 2021. Out of a total of 20,584 deaths from violent events that occurred so far, 47.8% were murders.

Namely, 1,453 more died than last year. Homicides rose slightly: there were 172 more murders, a variation of 1.78% and a total of 9,844 deaths. On the other hand, the number of people killed in traffic accidents increased by 13.6 percent: 6,011 people died, 722 more than the previous year.

In total, 47.8% of violent deaths in Colombia during this period were homicides, while 29.20% were traffic accidents and 12.76% were accidental deaths. Finally, 10.22% of those deaths were suicides.

As for deaths in off-road accidents, the variation was even greater: 2,626 people died in those circumstances, 344 more than in 2021; 15.07% more. Deaths due to suicide increased by 11.39 percent: 2,103 people have lost their lives so far, 215 more than last year.

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According to the forensic entity, men are the ones who suffered the most in violent conditions this year. 92% of people who died from homicides were men, as were 82% of those who died in traffic incidents, 83% of those who lost their lives in traffic accidents and 80% of those who took their own lives.

When examining Forensic Medicine data by age group, Colombians most involved in violent deaths are those between the ages of 20 and 29. Out of the total number of murders, this age group accounts for 38.2% of deaths. They also report 27% of deaths in traffic accidents, 13% of deaths in other accidents and 27.7% of suicides.

The report also includes figures for minors who died in violent circumstances. The victims of murder were 469 minors, of which 148 were minors. 255 minors died in traffic accidents, and 362 in road accidents. As for suicide cases, 236 lost their lives by their own hands, and 224 were minors between 12 and 17 years old. In total, from January to September of this year, 1,422 children and adolescents died violently.

The city with the most reports of violent deaths is by far Bogotá: there were 749 murders, 437 traffic deaths, 229 accidental deaths and 297 suicides, for a total of 1,712 cases. In second place is Cali with 705 murders, 237 road deaths, 119 accidents and 92 suicides, for a total of 1,153 deaths. Medellín is a distant third with 734 reports of violent deaths from all causes.


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