VIDEO | This was a fight between Mara Escalante and Ariel Miramontes that ended with María de Todos los Ángeles

Pese a Ariel Miramontes Mr Mara Escalante they had a close friendship while filming comedy scenes Mary of all angelsthe actor who played Albertano revealed in a Mexican television series that he had a fight with the actress he gave his life to Doña Luchawith which he started his acting career.

Doña Lucha is one of Mara Escalante’s best characters Photo: IG @ maraescalante3

During an interview for the morning program Hoy, Ariel told the story of how they met Mara Escalantewho invited him to the program “For Jorge’s weekend, Coque Muñiz“, and there he played the character of an Albertan who was initially called Lauro.

The reason why they were fighting

He is also a comedian who appears in We handsomeis next to Adrian Uribe as “Winner“, he revealed that it seems to be the same situation as “Child” Mr “quico“He was fighting with Mara for the rights to the character currently played by Ariel, but as we know, they were able to resolve their differences and he agreed to give them to them.

Mara and Ariel had a problem regarding the rights to “Albertano” Photo: Special

The histrionic revealed that from they had a big lawsuitThey also had other minor problems; “I don’t know if it’s because we look alike, but we really had a problem there that drove us a little bit apart,” he commented during the San Ángel television program.

Later, in an interview, the character Lady Fight, who revealed that if he didn’t like some of the things he did, but “as a mother, you’ll always forgive them,” he said during the coffee program.

In addition, he revealed that in the film he is preparing, he did not think of appearing in a film project in which he would give his life again Lady Fightwhich Ariel commented was a very well thought out project, as it is one of the best characters Mara has.


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