VIDEO. They left the restaurant without paying the bill, and the waitress’ revenge went viral

The a waitress in a restaurant made a drastic decision after a group of guests left the venue without paying. in social networks, told what happened and left a stern warning for the people who left. His radical gesture went viral within hours.

Jessica Guevara, a waitress from California, NOWhe gave a life lesson to one of the clients who carried out the said action and showed the violent revenge he carried out.

“To the girls who ran away and didn’t pay the bill, you left your glasses, dumbass,” he began narrating in a video he shared on his TikTok account. He then proceeded to destroy the client’s glasses.

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“I hope this is your $125,” he wrote in the clip’s description, referring to the unpaid amount. The post immediately received hundreds of messages of outrage from his followers, who focused on the attitude of the young women and advised him to press charges against them because of the bad weather that happened.

“There was no need for them to leave without paying, how sad they have to go through these situations,” wrote one user. “I think the women took it all as a joke, but they didn’t measure the consequences of what could happen,” added another. “I guess she never saw it. As a person who works in the industry, I support you,” said a third. “What a shame that she never sees this!”, pointed out another.



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However, others pointed to Guevara’s action, which stepped on the glasses and left them unable to repair them. “You could have sold them”; “did it occur to you that you could have donated them before destroying them for TikTok?”; “I bet it was very satisfying but very expensive,” were some of the messages left for him.

In the second video, the protagonist of the story explained in detail the main reasons for her anger. There, he stated that the restaurant owners made him pay the $125 bill out of his own pocket: “I became the main victim of what happened.”

With the clarification included by the girl, the video exceeded 6 million views and received a million likes in a few days. Anecdotes, criticisms, positive reactions and comments of all kinds continue to pile up.

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In this way, the woman made it clear that a simple joke or a friendly game can have consequences for the workers in the fields. He also assured that this kind of situation will never go unnoticed.

After the unfavorable experience she lived through, Jessica gained a great reach and support on social networks. Thanks to this, she continues her work routine at the restaurant and has also become a well-known content creator. Although she put this negative experience aside, she now hopes that it will not happen again and that she will be treated well by customers.

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