VIDEO. The plane made an emergency landing in Paraguay after losing an engine in the middle of a storm

Assumption.- The plane of the Chilean-Brazilian airline Latam with 48 passengers was made forced LANDING in Asunción at midnight on Wednesday without an engine and with serious damage after passing through a strong storm, Paraguayan authorities reported on Thursday.

“The plane landed without an engine and with cracks on the windshield. The passengers felt a great panic because of the strong turbulence they went through,” the head of the Civil Aviation Authority told reporters. Félix Kanazawa.

“Its front end is destroyed,” added airports director Douglas Cubilla.

Kanazawa specified that “this type of aircraft is ready for single engine flight”.

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The flight from Santiago de Chile was supposed to arrive in Asunción on Wednesday at 17:00 but was diverted to Foz de Iguazú (Brazil) due to a strong storm which fell on the capital of Paraguay.

At 10:00 p.m., he took off again to complete his journey when another hailstorm hit the Paraguayan capital, Douglas Cubilla reported.

“The pilot told us to prepare for an emergency landing. Then the flight attendant on the loudspeaker said to prepare for a crash position. There I hugged my daughter, but my seat belt came undone and I started calling for help. Thank you, God, our man took pity and helped me,” Paraguayan passenger Pabla Thomen told radio 1080 AM.

Some passengers fell ill due to severe turbulence and had to be treated by paramedics upon arrival at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, Kanazawa said.

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