VIDEO: Shakira shares an intimate moment in which she helps her father with therapy and the unexpected happens

This Monday, October 31, the famous singer Shakira surprised her thousands of fans around the world, after she published a video showing the singer of the song “January 1st” doing therapy next to her father, where after support she forces him with her legs, he asks him to do it himself, and when he does, she is surprised and shouts with joy.

“And life is something that happens between hospital visits and Halloween costumes,” reads the description of the aforementioned post on the official Instagram profile.

Emotional moment with father

In the said audiovisual, which has more than 90 thousand likes just 10 minutes after publication, you can see how her father thanks her for being by his side during this rehabilitation process, and she celebrates that her father was able to move on his own, starts kissing her feet.

Let’s remember that recently Shakira’s father was in the hospital again; This is William Mebarak who will be re-hospitalized after suffering a serious fall at home that required him to undergo surgery for clots forming in his brain, according to Spanish media reports.

However, the famous singer has not published any official information about her father’s health, but she is present for him, as happened with the said video that is circulating on social networks and has hundreds of comments from some of his fans, who wish Mebarak a speedy recovery.

The famous singer is aware of her father. IG PHOTO: shakira


Shakira turns up the heat with a Halloween costume

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