VIDEO | Michelle Renaud can boast of a tattoo and a perfect tummy in her underwear

At 34 years old and a dozen soap operas in his resume, Michelle Renaud In the world of Mexican television, she thrives as a young woman full of energy, tenderness, friendliness and an always attractive and cheerful presence. With that in mind, all that remains is to admire her in each of her projects and choose a soap opera or variety show host to follow on TV.

In addition to these professional aspects, he also became known as a celebrity who, as a couple, managed to attract the attention of fans and the media, and that from the relationship he had with actor Danilo Carrera, with whom he started a family. And, to add, recently in that stormy romance that started with also an actor Matias Novoa.

For these reasons, it is necessary to appreciate it from another perspective that is rarely shown, but on this occasion we witness its radiant beauty, something that can only be seen enjoy your pleasure to show part of your anatomy and another secret tattooed on his skin.

Michelle Renaud shows off her underwear

As you will rarely see him, Michelle Renaud then shared the video where you can see it from home, in the comfort of your own home and show some of your anatomy. With a figure that would cause envy, Michelle stood up in her underwear and the serenity of someone who seems to have just gotten out of bed.

In addition, he didn’t hesitate to show off the belly he’s been working on for years. But don’t think that with a heavy workout routine, it’s easy Michelle has very good genetics and this is how your body can look natural. To highlight the moment, he turned almost on his back and at the same time showed that he has no cellulite or anything like that.

The highlight of this peculiar video by Michelle Renaud, was in detail show the tattoo he has at the height of his ribs, the same one that indicates a phrase that she herself chose to be special.

This is how she enjoys love with Matías Novo

To complete, Michelle Renaud it is currently the happiest woman next to Matías Novoa. As a couple who share great moments full of happiness and show it on social networks, she shared a picture accompanied by an emotional message in which she describes the love she lives and how important it was to go through other relationships until she arrived with Novo.


Danilo Carrera reacts to the courtship of his ex Michelle Renaud and Matías Nova

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