VIDEO | In a bikini, Ingrid Coronado raised the temperature in Acapulco

At the age of 48 and with the same kindness that has characterized him since his time Garibaldi, is that Ingrid Coronado It remains valid as on the first day. It is impossible not to admire her when you are close to her and, in addition, to recognize the success she achieves with her TV or radio programs, along with her writing phase.

With this, it remains to recall that phase Coronado where she hosted the TV Azteca morning programemphasizing of course Come Joy and adding to other shows cutting nights. With that, Ingrid left enough material to be remembered as one of the funniest and most versatile presenters on Mexican television.

To add to this memory, it is nice to go to the occasion when Ingrid Coronado chose her best bikinis and walked the beaches of Acapulco with the sole intention of showing off her incredible beauty.

Ingrid Coronado falls in love with you in a bikini

A lots of the women have passed national TV find the perfect formula that will make you laugh, have an amazing time and bring joy to your home. Some have succeeded, and in the case of Ingrid Coronado, it has happened consistently and memorably. As a presenter capable of solving practically any challenge thrown at her, The born in Mexico City he did not hesitate to enjoy it trip to Acapulco where he showed the most fun port of Guerreroadded to the beaches that have conquered millions of people.

If this seems small, the rest remains to be seen Ingrid Coronado wears one bikini after another that would fit her best a woman like her, with a sinuous silhouette and a face that can catch you in every smile that escapes her. If words seem small to you, it is better to admire and enjoy her between poses, dances and invitations to get to know her better.

And this is how it looks right now

At the aforementioned 48 years old and looking 10 years younger, Ingrid Coronado remains at the forefront of her profession. With a wide smile that characterizes her and enjoying excellent health and an enviable figure, Ingrid provides the joy she afforded many mornings in the middle of 2022.

To add to our current reality, it became more thoughtful and here is his sample by quoting one of his favorite writers, Haruki Murakami.


Ingrid Coronado captivates in skinny jeans and looks like a twenty-year-old

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