VIDEO: Christian Estrada and Ferka had an argument in the cafeteria, and he ended up crying!

  • The couple met in 2020, when they participated in the reality show ‘Guerreros’.

  • A year later, they publicly announced that they were expecting their first child.

  • In September, two weeks after the christening of their first-born, they unfollowed each other on social media amid rumors of a divorce due to major personal differences. The information that Ferka confirmed in the reality show “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”

  • For his part, Kristijan shared his version with us a few days ago, saying that he was very hurt by the breakup and that he does not rule out the possibility of reconciliation.

After we discovered that Christian Estrada (32) and Ferka (35) stopped living together since last September 10, and that Christian himself confirmed the separation to us even though she denied it, we caught them for coffee.

The couple didn’t give each other time to talk, but now they tried to keep it calm, although in the reunion we noticed that things were not going well and they started claiming each other. A person close to the couple tells us about how everything started.

– What happened between Ferka and Christian?

“Things have not improved; Honestly, Christian is too hurt by everything he’s found out about her.”

– You are talking about his preferences towards women…

“Yeah right. Look, Christian wouldn’t mind that, it’s very common these days and people can love however they want. The problem is that Christian was very much in love and she made him believe that she wanted to make a home with him and that Christian the love of her life, so they both decided to have a family; but when he found out what you posted later, it made him too angry, he wanted her to be honest.

Kristijan Estrada and Ferka meet again to talk and end up like cats and dogs!

– Did they talk?

“Yes, he tries to maintain healthy communication and, as best he can, continues to support her financially for the house. Really, he was in love and he gave himself time to think it over and see if there was a chance to get back with Ferko; But it wasn’t like that.”

– Because what do you say?

“Because he also blames Ferka, because he thinks that he made a remark about his sexuality, and we know that he didn’t. That’s why Ferka accused him and shouted at him that he was a coward; and Kristijan now doesn’t know what to do anymore, but apparently not everything was there, because they hardly saw each other and it seems that things are difficult to improve.

-Tell me…
“A few days ago, Christian took the child with him to live together and they met in a famous cafe on Altavista Avenue. Kristijan wanted to use the place and asked Ferko to talk, to try to come to an agreement so that the little one wouldn’t get hurt.

Kristijan Estrada and Ferka meet again to talk and end up like cats and dogs!

– Come on, what happened next?
“It was about 1 in the afternoon when he came and then she, they sat down, ordered coffee, tried to talk, but immediately the allegations jumped.”

– From who?
“Of both; she claimed that she needed money, what would happen to them, to the family they created, to have someone to look up to. He claimed that he, according to what he gave the press the first note about his sexual preferences and all that, but he told him that he was not, he assured him that he was not at all, that he was ashamed of the way he came out in public. that he was not ok, how was he going to do such a thing?

-And then?
“They talked, and Ferka also told her that the little more $%& she has after that to show her face and confirm that they are broken up if she denied it, that she already said no, that they are still together and that was just a misunderstanding, that he had to travel due to work obligations. He asked how he could be bold and talk about their relationship.

Kristijan Estrada and Ferka meet again to talk and end up like cats and dogs!

– What did he answer him?
“That she should have been honest, that she seemed so beautiful inside and out, and that she was a true cynic and liar, even Christian wept from helplessness, from anger, from having to endure so many lies.”

Was she cold towards him?
“Coldness is not enough, she feels safe when he ties him because they are parents, but Christian is not one of those who have to put up with it.

Kristijan Estrada and Ferka meet again to talk and end up like cats and dogs!

– What agreement did they reach?
“She didn’t tell anyone that she didn’t want to see him anymore, the discussions continued and they didn’t come to anything.”

– He wanted to fix things…
“Maybe she had an intention, but not so much now, in time we will see what they both decide, but her courage does not diminish his pride,” he concluded.

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