VIDEO: Argentinian nutritionist faints on live TV while talking about replacing sugar with grated coconut and cinnamon | News from Mexico

While on the show, he’s in the middle of a live discussion about sugars and artificial sweeteners Good morning Americachain America TVnutritionist Teresa Coccaro He passed out which worried everyone on the show.

The nutritionist explained that sweeteners can be replaced with healthy products such as grated coconut, bitter cocoa, cinnamon, orange peel, etc., and at the same time she recognized that nothing happens if a child goes to a birthday, for example, eats something sweet.

Immediately after that sentence, he was seen to lose his position a little and said “Oh”, and then collapse on the table.

Antonio Lajethe host of the program, approached her to try to help and asked for an advertising cut, which was immediately made, reports the portal 20 minutes.

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It is OK

A few hours later, Coccaro gave a message reassuring all the spectators and ensuring that he was fine and was home on vacation after being taken to the hospital.

It is true that the production of America is ten. I had syncope. They did an electrocardiogram, an echocardiogram, a laboratory test and everything is normal. Sometimes it happens. It was a pressure drop. I have to do a holter to complete the closure that everything is ok. I’m going to do it this week because it’s all outpatient,” Coccaro explained.

Also, the nutritionist used the opportunity to deny some rumors that spread after her fainting in a live television broadcast:

“The rumor is that I am vegan and I want to clarify that nothing needs to be done. I am genetically thin, I do sports and meditate. It was just a drop in pressure,” he insisted, so that what happened would not be misunderstood.

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