VIDEO. A tourist filmed his own death while falling from a zip line in Brazil

Sergio Murillo, a 39-year-old tourist, filmed his own death when the zipline he was descending on snapped and he ended up falling from a great height until he hit the ground. The tragedy happened in Ceara, Brazil.

The tourist was in the company of his family when he made his decision Go down the Canoa stream with the help of a zip line.

But suddenly, in the middle of the tour, you see the moment when the attraction gives way and the tourist ends up falling hard on the sand.

On the other hand, Sergio Murila’s wife was also filming her husband’s trip, and as he was doing the same, she ended up filming terrible death.

After the fall, the wife started desperately running to help her partner.

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According to the Brazilian press, Sergio Murilo received help on the spot and was taken to hospital, but arrived lifeless despite attempts to revive him along the way.

The incident happened on October 10, and the authorities now want to find out what conditions the zip line was in and determine who is to blame for the death of the tourist.

The owner of the attraction and one worker have already been questioned. An attempt is also made to determine the height of the fall.

After the accident, it became known that Murilo was posting videos of the zip line he was going to ride on social networks, not knowing what would follow.

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