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The high frequency of chronic diseases in our country forced the health sector to design a comprehensive strategy of preventive medicine, which pharmaceutical laboratories are ready to join.

We are talking about the fact that only in 2020 the care for diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), which is Zoe Robledo Gutierrezit included a staggering 58 thousand 300 million pesos.

Add to this amount that with the pandemic, many of the consequences of these chronic degenerative diseases have increased the backlog of surgeries and other cardiovascular procedures, which makes their treatment more complex.

A laboratory that seeks to join efforts in promoting preventive medicine among the population is Viatris, a pharmaceutical company created in November 2020 from the combination of Mylan and Upjohn, a division of Pfizer.

Viatris, who runs here Rogerio Pesohe will currently focus on the care of neurological and cardiovascular conditions and acute pain, highly correlated with chronic degenerative diseases.

Peso’s idea is that preventive medicine will improve the quality of life of Mexicans, and as I told you, although it has more than 1,400 molecules in 10 therapeutic areas in its portfolio, Viatris will focus on only three areas in its first foray into Mexico.

Viatris wants to add to the issue of prevention because it has been shown that no medical infrastructure can support the care of the consequences that could lead to an exponential growth of patients with diabetes or arterial hypertension, with the impact these diseases have on work life.

A comprehensive preventive medicine strategy ranges from obesity care to regular consultations in clinics and hospitals, where an estimated 75 percent of Mexicans are overweight and at least 10 percent of the population knows they have diabetes.


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