Veterinary and animal science students mobilized for the murder of Yair N

Veterinary and animal science students mobilized for the murder of Yair N

October 28 – 2022

The head of SEGOB pointed out that it could be a direct attack

From Selena Sosa

A group of veterinary and animal husbandry students of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) demonstrated today in front of the Rectorate, demanding greater security after the attack on their colleague Yair N., who lost his life as a victim of an apparent attack.

The complainants, who carried banners and their white coats, occasionally blocked the Tlaxcala-Texoloc highway to demand in return an explanation of their partner’s death, as well as justice.

It must be recalled that Yair N. was intercepted yesterday by two men on a motorcycle while he was on his way to the UATx college in the community of El Carmen Xalpatlahuaya, in the municipality of Huamantla.

Because of what happened and through their demonstration, the students of the mentioned degree requested an audience with the rector of the High House of Studies, Serafín Ortiz Ortiz, who after the dialogue table promised to create a strategy to guarantee greater security. on UATx.

In this sense, the dissatisfiers called on the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SCG) to strengthen surveillance around the college because, as they pointed out, attacks on students are increasing, which causes fear in the student community.

Meanwhile, in a joint interview, the head of the Government Secretariat (SEGOB), Sergio González Hernández, stated that he had already had a rapprochement with Ortiz Ortiz to help guarantee security for those involved.

Likewise, the second commander in the territory of Tlaxcaltec, pointed out that Ernestina Carro Roldán, head of the Office of the Attorney General (PGJE), is already in investigative work.

In this sense, the former PAN member stated that the event could have been a direct attack, according to the first inquiries, however, he snapped, this cannot be determined until the investigation is completed.

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