Vela exposes Ochoa and reveals why Chicharito was vetoed

The candle exposes Ochoa
The candle exposes Ochoa

I have no problems with Martin or the alliances, that’s it Carlos candle He answered the question of why he is not going to the World Cup, but he left open the question that has always been raised since Álvaro Morales, which is resentment among the players.

It’s that the ESPN communicator didn’t hesitate to point out that there were problems in Tri internal and that they started four years ago, when they won Germany, when some raised their voices on the subject of the award ceremony.

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Vela reveals the Tri grid and who is responsible for not taking him to the World Cup

In this sense, Carlos Vela on ESPN, stated that there are leaders who have ended the careers of some players, he does not understand how Javier Hernandez he is not there but he respects the decision because he knows that he is not part of Three now.

Why did Javier Hernández get the right of veto?

For Vela, Chicharito was a nuisance to the people he commanded in El Trio. According to Álvaro Morales, it was Hernández who vigorously protested the question of how Andrew Saved and Ochoa resolved the prize issue at Russia 2018 by not giving the players more money.

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