USA: Russia is a “threat”, but the main “challenge” is China | World | DW

The Pentagon unveiled its new defense strategy this Thursday (27/10/2022), in which it claims that China is the “most transcendental” challenge to the security of the United States in the coming decades, while Russia is an “acute threat”. It also warned that Moscow’s use of an atomic bomb would trigger a “significant” international response.

The document insists that “the United States will consider the use of nuclear weapons only in extreme circumstances” to defend its vital interests and those of its allies and partners. The review added that, as long as it exists, the fundamental role of US atomic weapons is to “deter” such an attack on its territory or that of its allies.

The text goes on to claim that China “poses the most far-reaching and systemic challenge, while Russia poses an acute threat, both to vital American national interests abroad and on American soil.” He adds that the “deepest and most serious challenge” to security is (China’s) “forced and increasingly aggressive efforts” to reshape the Indo-Pacific region.

A North Korean attack would be the end of the regime in Pyongyang

While the United States sees an escalation with Russia as possible and worrisome, it maintains that China is “the only competitor that wants to reshape the international order, and at the same time has increasing power to do so.” In addition, China’s rhetoric against Taiwan is a “destabilizing” factor that threatens peace in that part of the planet, and the text adds that “conflict with China is neither inevitable nor desirable.”

As for North Korea, the Pentagon warns that nuclear action by Pyongyang would spell the end of Kim Jong-un’s regime. “Any nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies and partners is unacceptable and would lead to the end of that regime. There is no scenario in which the Kim regime can use nuclear weapons and survive,” the text warns.

While presenting the strategy, United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin took the opportunity to warn Russia. “We remain focused on doing everything possible to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty, its territory,” he said, warning of a “significant” response from the international community if Moscow dropped a nuclear bomb on Ukrainian territory.

Meanwhile, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that US power would respond “appropriately” to any Russian attack on US commercial satellites, after Moscow threatened the satellites. Washington will hold Russia “responsible for such an attack,” the spokesman said.


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