Unthinkable if they block Chicharito in the national team: MárquezMediotiempo

Absence Javier Hernandez it caused endless speculation. One of them is that there are players within Tri who stopped his call.

Faced with this situation, during the conversation he had Rafael Marquez con Hugo SanchezMichoacan Kaiser pointed out that the last word should be Gerardo Martino and pointed out that the possibility of players blocking the Mexican striker is unfortunate.

“The real leader and the one who holds the strings is the technical director, I don’t want to think that if this is happening (blocking Hernández), that the players decide that someone doesn’t come to the national team, it seems to me that it is poorly managed, because how can without a great scorer of the national team and apart from everything, we lack a goal, so he can’t come to the national team?

“I think it’s bad management, either by the head of the national team, who is the technical director, or by the other administrative part, because it’s a little bit of everything, why not have all the possible tools you have? be better? So for Javier to be out, just because of that, it’s unthinkable,” he asserted.

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Was it part of the boycott against Cuauh?

Considering Rafa’s words, Hugo Sánchez wanted to compare the current situation of Javier Hernández with the one in which he finds himself Cuauhtemoc Blancowho was not invited to world cup Germany in 2006.

“In Cuauhtémoc we are saying that there were no longer very good relations with the leader of the group, who was La Volpe, and that it was known and public and every time they faced each other there could be a lack of respect or not,” he commented.

“It is also attributed to a certain group of players that I personally am not the type of player who, even if I don’t agree with someone, says I won’t play with him because I know he can contribute something to the team. , I always defend the sport before the personal, it’s bad to say that a group of players prevented Cuauhtémoc from going to the World Cup,” Márquez said.

A critical bad wipe

Another one of the points touched by the current coach Barcelona ‘B’ is the current level of Mexican football where, according to him, it should return to the warm-up from before with the South American teams, not with MLSclaiming that it is because of a topic of interest to a certain group.

“There are many interests that end up harming instead of helping, there are people whose interest is more economic than sports. Some want the whole pie,” he said.

“Meeting levels that are maybe higher than ours, makes us learn and compete to be at the same level. I think it was something important for all the clubs in Mexico and for them to give us the recognition we were getting,” he concluded. is.

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