Unrecognizable again! Zac Efron surprises with a radical physical change with impressive muscles

Actor Zac Efron returns with a transformation that his fans never expected. A little more than a year after the protagonist High school musical was a trend because of the change he had on his face that clarified that it was the result of an accident, now returns with an incredible figure and abs that steal sighsthat’s how they caught it on their recordings new movie.

Although he has always been characterized by a well-built body that has made him on the cover of Men’s Health more than once, now the paparazzi caught him with his torso exposed and a towel covering half of his body, but on the left he sees his big chest bones, his strong arms and a well-defined belly. But it was not only that that impressed, but also his hair it had a longer neckline that reached the nape of the neck and a distinctive hemlinealthough it is unknown if it is a wig or if it is his natural mane in a new fashion.

Since June of this year, it has been confirmed that Zac will play the fighter Photo: Special

After his last appearance in 2019, where he gave life to serial killer Ted Bundy, Efron got a different role than the one we’re used to seeing, since he was not a teenager in love but now a villain responsible for more than 30 murders, from that moment the versatility of the actor was noticed. Now this physical change seen in the leaked images is for his new project “Iron Claw” which tells about the life of a famous fighter in the 80s Kevin von Erich.

The film was directed by Sean Durkin, and will deal with the tragic history of the family of the emblematic Von Erich Photo: Special

Although for “Troy Bolton”, this drastic change may be a challenge since he previously admitted that he is up for the role Baywatch: Baywatch also had to pass a the training regimen caused depression and insomniaNow the celebrity is expected to have chosen a different path to reach the figure he needed to star in the new film.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” shared photos with the actor where they showed his spectacular figure in a swimsuit Photo: Special


Zac Efron has already broken his silence about the strange appearance of his face, and the explanation is not entirely convincing

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