UNIVA opens Center for Simulation in Medicine in Guadalajara

In the afternoon of October 24, there will be a ceremonial opening Center for simulations in medicine from University of the Atemajac Valley, Guadalajara campus. conditioned space so that medical surgeon degree students can practice in a real, safe environment without the life of a real person being threatened.

The formal act had as special guests students, academic body and university authorities, led by Dr. Yadira Robles, director of UNIVA Guadalajara; prof. Yanet Romero, Director of Higher Education and Mtra. Laura Quiñónez, Head of Health Sciences, who also cut the ribbon who formalized the inauguration.

This Center is located on the ground floor of Medicine i it starts working on the first day of Novemberafter three months of work in a conditioned space.

In the words of Mtra. Laura Quiñónez, reports that it is “… an architectural project that started in 2018, but was curtailed by the pandemic that hit the planet. The project it cost about 7 million pesosalso taking into account the material that UNIVA already has since 2009, for example, some anatomical models that will continue to function in this work center”, he noted.

The simulation center has four clinical scenarios: ambulatory, neonatological, delivery and emergency areas. They are programmed and test the students from the control center in an interactive way. The space has cameras and microphones that will record the actions of the students, “… the entire clinical scenario will be recorded, so that after the doctor has completed the process with the patient, he goes to the debriefing area, which is equipped with a screen, where the synod will review each action, skills and weaknesses,” commented Dr. Raymundo Hernández, Academic Coordinator of Medicine.

In addition to the simulation center, two other areas have been set up: an office and a biofeedback room. The first of these will enable students to perform real practices with patients, creating experience in dealing with people within a general consultation; while the biofeedback room will work for both medical and psychology students, and consists of a room with a screen and a chair in which the patient is monitored connected to electrodes in order to learn his responses to certain visual stimuli.

With this qualification, UNIVA complies with the medical regulations required by the Inter-institutional commission for the training of human resources in healthcare (CIFRHS), an organization that dictates guidelines for academic health programs in undergraduate, graduate and medical specialties.



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