Uncle Howdy’s possible identity revealed

This Friday’s episode of SmackDown ended with Bray Wyatt’s in-ring segment and then gave way to the introduction of a new character named Uncle Howdy. An event that has already been used by followers of the WWE Universe to speculate about a possible identity.

Bray Wyatt talked about what in his segment in the ring this is the best version of himself and also the most real we’ve ever met. However, he also warned that there is still a part of him that is not afraid of anything and often does terrible things.

On the other hand, one of the clues that fans have taken to show the identity of the person behind Uncle Howdy’s mask is the earring in his left ear. in a few It’s the same one that Bo Dallas used in his time on television just before leaving the company in 2021.

Below is a tweet with a comparison montage.

Last month it was already known that Bo Dallas could return to WWE through his brother Bray Wyatt, but until now there was no known information about it. However, with this detail, it could be the person behind the mask of this new character, who would be part of this new phase of Wyatt in the company.

This is Uncle Howdy’s debut segment:

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