Ukraine | Mass withdrawal of Russian troops on the Jeršon Front

LThe war is accelerating.

The Russian flag no longer flies at the administrative headquarters.

Authorities imposed by Moscow, such as Kiril Stremusovthe deputy head of the civil-military administration of Kherson issued a final appeal to the population to leave the area: “Regarding the evacuation, I again recommend all Kherson residents and those still in the right part of the Kherson region to go to the left bank.”

Moscow’s daily war report paints a completely different picture. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, its troops repelled attacks by the Ukrainian army on different fronts, causing a large number of casualties.

The International Atomic Energy Agency also released its report on Russian accusations that Ukraine is preparing a dirty bomb. After inspecting several Ukrainian sites, the UN nuclear watchdog concluded that there were no indications “undeclared nuclear activities”.

Russia “confirmed his status as the world’s leading liar”, The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs announced on Twitter Dmytro Kuleba after getting acquainted with the conclusions of the IAEA.

In this context, a new exchange of prisoners took place: 107 from each side.

On the Ukrainian side, there are 74 soldiers who defended the Mariupol ironworks for more than two months before the surrender.

On the Russian side, 65 prisoners are soldiers from Ukrainian territories annexed by Russia.

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