Ukraine: Children must wear bulletproof vests for fear of attack

AND NGO from Ukraine andproducts body armor and safety helmets for children, because official figures show that there are more than 1,200 victims of the Russian invasion.

Marijana Čugunovainternally displaced persons from Kharkiv, tried the protective suit on his daughter in the past October 28. She said it would be easier for her family evacuate Kharkiv that they had protection for the child.

“If, God forbid, we have to evacuate now, we would have a bulletproof vest and a helmet and I wouldn’t worry about my son,”

– said Čugunova.

In total 430 children died and others 823 are injured by Russia raided on February 24, according to Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Anton Fedchenko, head of communications of the non-governmental organization Lviv Defense Cluster, who designed the kits, said that such protective equipment had never been produced before.

“There was no need… Unfortunately, our enemy doesn’t care who gets shot at,”

Fedchenko added.

Maksym Plyokhov, president of the management board of the association, he said the main purpose of the jackets is to help children evacuate safely from war zones.

“Today we understand that there is a need for these (body armor for children), considering the number of children killed,”

Djo Maksym Plyokhov

He said he did jackets offered protection children against bullets, shrapnel and flying glass and debris.

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