Twitter: How much will a verified account cost celebrities?

Elon Musk finished shopping Twitter and not only did he arrive at the headquarters of the social network with a sink, but his first measure as a company owner is to charge a monthly fee of $8 to people and companies who have verified profile. Here we explain details of the new cost for possession blue popcorn.

How much will Twitter cost for verified people?

Through your profile Twitter, Elon Musk he confirmed what he had already stated in advance: blue popcorn for verified accounts will have a monthly cost of 8 dollarsequivalently 157 Mexican pesosand explained that the price will be adjusted by country in proportion to purchasing power parity.

“Twitter’s current lord and peasant system of knowing who has or doesn’t have a blue tick is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.

Elon Musk

How much will a verified social network cost per year?

Although at first it was speculated that the price was for verified accounts Twitter would be 20 dollars a month and 240 dollars a year, which is equivalent to 394 and 4 thousand 736 Mexican pesos, the tycoon confirmed the amount 8 dollars a month.

  • Fee of 8 dollars per month, equivalent 157 Mexican pesos.
  • Price from 96 dollars per year, which is equivalent thousand 893 pesos.

What will be the privileges of the blue tick on Twitter?

In accordance with Elon Muskhave a verified account Twitter will entail certain privileges for said persons or companies, among them:

  • Priority in replies, mentions and searches, essential to defeating spam/fraud
  • The possibility of setting long video and audio tracks
  • semi ads

Profiles will also pay their own eight dollars a month with the benefit of getting a bypass from paywall for publishers willing to work with red social and noted that it would also give the company a source of revenue to reward content creators.

Who can have verified Twitter accounts?

With this initiative of Elon Musk, Twitter will not begin to have a cost to users, but they persons and organizations with a verified account They will have to pay a monthly payment, that is:

  • Accounts of government offices
  • government people
  • Candidates for public offices
  • news agencies
  • Employees of the news agency
  • Freelance journalists
  • organisations
  • leaders and managers
  • Entertainment or production companies
  • People from the world of entertainment
  • Professional sports organizations, teams and leagues
  • People in professional sports
  • People in the video game world
  • activists and organizers
  • Content creators and influencers

So that the bill could receive Twitter confirmationprofile must be authentic, relevant Mr singlethat is, the person’s identity must be confirmed, the account must represent a person or a well-known brand and must be actively used without violating the rules of the platform.

That’s how the controversy started about the price of verified Twitter!

After the final purchase Twitter per Elon Muskthe latter assured that “the entire verification process is currently being restored” and began to speculate that having a verified account might start costing 20 dollars a month, angering writer Stephen King.

Although this figure was never official, a discussion with the author of books like “It” led the entrepreneur to present a counter-proposal 8 dollars a month for accounts that have a blue popcornnext to your name or in case the person wants to verify your profile. This was eventually fulfilled despite user dissatisfaction.

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