Tragedy in Seoul: Young man who went out with 5 friends for Halloween, only 2 returned alive

  • Jean Mackenzie, Won Jung Bae and Hosu Lee
  • BBC News, Seoul

Park Jun-sung lost his friend of 20 years, James Sim.

Funeral homes in Seoul are now filled with the bodies of young people and their grieving parents.

At the end of the long corridor, BBC found the Sim couple sitting on a small couch, unable to raise their heads.

In one of the rooms is the body of his son, James Sim, 28 years old. In the next room is James’ friend Yoon. And in the funeral home on the other side of town lies James’ girlfriend.

On Saturday night, they went to Itaewon together with two other friends to celebrate Halloween. James organized the evening. “Constantly was the organizerbecause he loved partying with his friends,” his mother said.

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