Tragedy in Seoul | “I owe my life to a Korean boy, a stranger whose name I will never know”: the heartbreaking story of two Mexican women injured at a Halloween party

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • BBC News World correspondent in Mexico

Juliana Velandia and Carolina Cano

image source, Kindness


Juliana Velandia and Carolina Cano are the only two Mexican women injured in last weekend’s tragedy in Seoul.

They never thought that Halloween almost 10,000 km from their home would turn into a tragedy where they were on the edge of their lives.

Juliana Velandia and Carolina Cano, aged 23 and 21 respectively, are the only two Mexican women injured in the stampede that claimed more than 150 lives in a popular Seoul nightlife district last Saturday.

Two young students from Mexicali, in the north of the country, arrived in the South Korean capital last August to study for a semester through a university exchange program.

Like other witnesses, they talk about a completely collapsed street due to the absence of police or security guards in the middle of the weekend celebrations.

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