Tragedy in Seoul: how the tragedy in South Korea in which 150 people died

A person pays tribute to victims near the site of a stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul.

image source, Reuters


A person pays tribute to the victims near the scene of the tragedy during Halloween celebrations in Seoul.

At least 150 people died Saturday night in a stampede of thousands of young people celebrating Halloween in the narrow streets of a popular neighborhood in central Seoul. The BBC analyzes how the tragedy unfolded.

By early Saturday afternoon, thousands of mostly young people had gathered in Itaewon, the center of the South Korean capital, a lively party spot whose warlike streets and alleys are lined with bars and restaurants.

According to some accounts, 100,000 people flocked to the area to celebrate Halloween, excited by the prospect of partying again after two years of strict covid restrictions in the country.

Nuhyil Ahammed, 32, was in the crowd. This IT worker from India lives nearby and has been attending Halloween parties in Itaewon for five years in a row.

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