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Merida, October 31, 2022- Traditional medicine, such as Chinese and Mayan, has always played an important role in the prevention and control of epidemics, including in the treatment of covid-19 and monkeypox, according to medical experts.

During the participation in the II conference of traditional Chinese and Mayan medicine, held at the Huawen Institute in this city, Dr. Liu Guangri, Professor Li Ke, Doctors Edgar Peraza and Aniceto Ciau shared their knowledge.

At the conferences, it was mentioned that traditional medicine, such as Chinese and Mayan, is valuable in the prevention and control of epidemics, and even in the treatment of coronaviruses and monkeypox.

It was also mentioned that thanks to these drugs, the rate of viral infections and mortality in critically ill patients has been reduced.

Aihua Yao, director of Huawen Yucatan Institute, thanked the participants for sharing their knowledge and after four years this second face-to-face conference could be organized due to covid-19.

In 2017, doctors Liu Guangrui and Edgar Peraza presented the 1st International Conference on Traditional Chinese and Mayan Medicine.

The following year, a delegation led by doctors Liu Guangrui, Xia Jilin and Liu Wenjuan and professor Li Ke arrived in Mérida, where they led 38 Mexican enthusiasts in traditional Chinese medicine.

The same topics are covered about the situations these drugs face because of culture, region, and race; the direction of its development and its future. (Infoqroo)

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